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[21 Oct 2012 | 20,628 read]
10 reasons to choose bathroom fan S&P Silent

During every renovation of a toilet, bathroom or laundry room, we face the problem how to choose our bathroom fan.
Ventilation of toilets and bathrooms not only provides remove of odors and vapors, but also prevent condensation, moisture and mold in the premises. The most common solution for this ventilation is with axial fans specially designed for bathrooms and toilets. Unfortunately, most of these fans are characterized by high noise and poor work. Due to this reason, we want to draw attention to a particular model: S & P Silent.
1.  The …

News, Useful in building installations, Ventilation »

[15 Aug 2012 | 2,451 read]
How to choose a bathroom fan?

Bathroom fans become increasingly popular in the recent years and preferred for ventilation of toilets and bathrooms. If you have repaired a bathroom or toilet, you surely have faced the problem in choosing the right fan. We will present you in this article the right solution.

Useful in building installations, Ventilation »

[10 Jul 2012 | 701 read]
Installation of a bathroom and toilet fan Silent 100 CZ

Useful video for mounting bathroom fan Silent 100 CZ.
The bathroom and toilet fans S&P Silent are suitable for wall and ceiling installation. They can exhaust air and odor directly outside or to be connected to a ventilation system.
Important!!! Before you start the installation of the fan, shut off the electric power.
The fan can be connected to a light switch or a separate switch, depending on your requirements.