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[15 Feb 2016 | 880 read]
TANGRA presented the new series of frequency inverters TANGRA FI

The frequency inverters are increasingly used in ventilation, air conditioning and heating. According to international studies, between 65% and 70% of electricity is consumed by building asynchroned drives on fans and pumps with constant speed.
The design of systems for ventilation, air conditioning and heating is based on the maximum occupancy of the buildings. In everyday life,
the maximum occupancy is reached in very rare cases. The use of frequency inverters allow smooth regulation of ventilation and heating systems.

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[22 Jul 2013 | 20,242 read]
Eliturbo – air mixer, differing from the traditional destratifiers

Well-known physic’s phenomenon is the distribution of hot air in the upper parts of the large premises. It leads to higher energy costs and heat loss. Air mixer Eliturbo is the perfect solution of the problem because it is able to even vertically and horizontally the air temperature, to even the humidity in large environments and to reduce the costs of heating till 30%.

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[21 Oct 2012 | 20,628 read]
10 reasons to choose bathroom fan S&P Silent

During every renovation of a toilet, bathroom or laundry room, we face the problem how to choose our bathroom fan.
Ventilation of toilets and bathrooms not only provides remove of odors and vapors, but also prevent condensation, moisture and mold in the premises. The most common solution for this ventilation is with axial fans specially designed for bathrooms and toilets. Unfortunately, most of these fans are characterized by high noise and poor work. Due to this reason, we want to draw attention to a particular model: S & P Silent.
1.  The …