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[29 May 2014 | 21,803 read]
How to choose explosion proof version fans?

The supply of fresh air and the discharge of the exhausted air are of significant importance for worker’s health and it is a part of the safety work environment conditions. That is also very important in some specific industries where volatile are flammable gases, dust or harmful substances are emitted in the air.

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[29 Apr 2014 | 19,972 read]
Hygiene Air Handling Units TANGRA AHU HYG – Guarantee for Air Quality

The series of air handling units TANGRA are designed to fulfill the needs for ventilation, heating, cooling and energy recovery
at different type of installation in public, industrial and commercial buildings.
All air handling units are modular build, which guarantee easy transportation and assembly.

They are divided in three main variations: Standard air handling units with heat recovery; Air handling units with heat pump incorporated; Hygiene air handling units.

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[23 Apr 2014 | 19,892 read]
TANGRA presented a video for the air curtains for revolving doors

Since 2012 „TANGRA” produce air curtains for revolving doors of trade centers, shops, sport halls, hotels and administrative buildings.

These products are used to create thermal barrier at the entrance of buildings and preserves the heat losses and comfort. Along with the measures for energy efficiency, air curtains reduce energy losses of the project.

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[10 Apr 2014 | 21,486 read]
TANGRA presents advertisement movie for ventilation grilles and diffusers

TANGRA produce ventilation grilles for 24 years.

Production range of the company consists of more than 22 different models of aluminum ventilation grilles and diffusers.

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[26 Mar 2014 | 1,321 read]
TANGRA presents a new video about the pellet boiler TANGRA CL 35

TANGRA CL 35 pellet boiler is designed for heating and domestic hot water supply of single family houses, small residential and office building.

The boiler is fully automated and with automatic cleaning. For the customer this means almost full lack of maintenance and unproblematic work during the heating season.

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[19 Mar 2014 | 1,811 read]
The international technical exhibition Mostra Convegno Expocomfort was opened

On 18.03.2014 the biggest technical fair in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning was started.

At area of 360 000 sq. m. more than 2200 exhibitors present the innovations in the business.

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[14 Aug 2013 | 1,274 read]
10 reasons to choose heating with pellets for your home

The choice of heating system is a major problem in most households. Comparing different solutions and products is extremely important in order to make the right decision. The choice is tough because it involves being satisfied during the winter days but also when paying the bills. Therefore, when searching for cheap and efficient heating you cannot miss heating with pellets – the most preferred heating option in the last few years for various reasons.

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[6 Aug 2013 | 21,599 read]
Nederman – how to improve the working environment

Metalworking industries covers products and systems that create good work environments and contribute to efficiency in connection with welding, flame cutting and other mechanical metalworking, primarily in the engineering industry.

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[22 Jul 2013 | 20,415 read]
Eliturbo – air mixer, differing from the traditional destratifiers

Well-known physic’s phenomenon is the distribution of hot air in the upper parts of the large premises. It leads to higher energy costs and heat loss. Air mixer Eliturbo is the perfect solution of the problem because it is able to even vertically and horizontally the air temperature, to even the humidity in large environments and to reduce the costs of heating till 30%.

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[1 May 2013 | 769 read]
Spring discount of pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35

The spring mood is here after the winter cold weather and snow. Now it is time for us to delight our customers and partners with good news.
Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 already have new, spring, lower price. All the benefits of the boilers, as the automatic cleaning system, five step modulation burner and active flow meter, which regulate the fan speed for more efficient combustion process, are included.

Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 and TANGRA HP30 are part of the materials financed by the programs for financial support of the Bulgarian …