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TANGRA presents a new video about the pellet boiler TANGRA HP 30

1 September 2014 20,071 read No Comments

pellet boiler tangra hp 30The autumn has already arrived. Everyone start to think for the cold days and the winter holiday. But cold winter months are prerequisite for finding the right solution for heating of your home. There are different solutions with all their positive and negative aspects. Central heating, electricity and heating oil, as well as natural gas are with continuous price growth. On the other hand conveyance and refueling of boiler with woods and coals requires serious physical efforts and time. That is why we would like to present you the pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30.

Pellets are cheap, ecologically clean and renewable energy source. They are produced of wood waste biomass without use of additional adhesive or substances. This allows their incineration in automatic pellet burners with high efficiency and minimum quantity of ashes remaining.

Pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30 are specially designed for heating and domestic hot water supply of single-family houses, residential and office buildings. During design process of boilers special attention is paid to the full automation and almost full lack of maintenance by the customer.

The main advantages of TANGRA HP 30 pellet boilers are the adjustable working capacity between 15kW and 30kW, five-step modulating burner, automatic regulation of the boiler for higher efficiency, independent of the moment chimney suction and pressure drop, automatic cleaning of combusting chamber and high efficiency with different kind of pellets – E=94%. All pellet boilers are certified by TUV Rheinland.

For more info, please click here.

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