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[10 Dec 2018 | 7 read]

Brussels, Sofia, 12 November 2018. The manufacturer TANGRA – specialised in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment – has joined the Eurovent Association as a Corresponding Member. TANGRA is Bulgaria’s leading locally based manufacturer of HVAC equipment, and the first-ever Eurovent member from Bulgaria – further expanding the association’s footprint throughout Europe.

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[3 Dec 2018 | 13 read]

Европейският парламент одобри насоките за 2030г. по отношение на енергийната ефективност и възобновяемите енергийни източници

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[23 Nov 2018 | 17 read]

For many years mechanical and natural ventilation systems have developed separately. At the same time the demands for energy saving in mechanical ventilation are rapidly growing, forced by the shortage of resources. Respectively, this compels engineers to turn back and check what was missed in the process of significant costs reduction. Naturally, this leads to the next step, which is development of ventilation concept utilizing and combining the best features from each system to create a new type of ventilation system – Hybrid Ventilation.
Basically, hybrid ventilation systems can be described …

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[22 Nov 2018 | 41 read]

Modulare Standard-Luftaufbereitungsgeräte mit einem Luftstrom zwischen 3500 m3/h. bis zu 70 000m3/h.

Die Luftaufbereitungsgeräte TANGRA AHU werden als Standardlüftungslösungen mit einem Luftstrom zwischen 3500 m3 h und 70 000 m3/h hergestellt. Die Module der Luftaufbereitungsgeräte können so angeordnet werden, dass sie dem verfügbaren Raum entsprechen, wobei sie eine optimale Größe behalten und gleichzeitig die erforderliche Leistungsfähigkeit aufrechterhalten. Die leichte Montage, Installation und Inbetriebnahme wird durch unsere Expertise in Engineering und kundenspezifischen Lösungen im HLK-Bereich garantiert.

Vier verschiedene Bauarten sowie verschiedene Klassen hygienischer Ausführung.

Die Konstruktion basiert auf speziellen Aluminiumprofilen und Winkeln. Die Paneele …

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[14 Nov 2018 | 54 read]
Not 10, but 12 Reasons to Choose Air Handling Units TANGRA AHU

Не 10, а 12 причини да изберете вентилационните климатични камери TANGRA AHU

През 2018г. климатичните камери TANGRA AHU бяха изпитани и сертифицирани от Eurovent. Това прави TANGRA първият и единствен сертифициран български производител на климатични камери.

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[4 Feb 2015 | 1,990 read]
Analysis of the possibilities for energy recovery through recuperation in the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

It seems the discussion for the necessity of energy recovery systems is over not only in Western and Northern European countries, but also in Bulgaria. For the people who made serious effort for convincing and proposing legislative changes in the last 20 years, it is a real success. Today it is rare to see a ventilation or air conditioning project without energy recovery (recuperation or regeneration).

The economic pressure (rise of energy prices) surpassed the legal regulations. Designers and investors reacted more adequately than the legislators.

The next important step is the choice of the right energy recovery system. The right choice means a cost-effective choice that doesn’t compromise the microclimate.

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[24 Jun 2014 | 21,020 read]
Energy Efficiency through Ventilation, Heating and Air conditioning systems

On June 18th, 2014 a seminar was held in the headquarters of “TANGRA” focusing on “Energy Efficiency through ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems”. More than 80 engineers and specialists in the field of HVAC attended the event.

The presentation began with an overview of the policies and norms of the European Union and Bulgaria that target energy consumption reductions. Dipl. Eng. July Armianov, owner and general manager of TANGRA, presented the legal requirements for mechanical ventilation installations in buildings within the European Union, UK and USA. After demonstrating best practice …

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[20 Jun 2014 | 20,103 read]
The first certified passive kinder garden equipped with high efficient ventilation system TANGRA

In 2013 in Gabrovo was build the first “nearly zero energy” kinder garden in Bulgaria.
According to the European directive 2010/31/EU on energy performance of buildings and the Energy efficiency Act Bulgarian municipalities have to increase the energy efficiency, to reduce the CO2 emissions, and also to raise the share of energy consumption produced from renewable sources. A renovation of the existing buildings and low energy consumption of the new ones are part of the prescriptions. In the town of Gabrovo those are not only words and intentions, but reality. The …

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[29 Apr 2014 | 20,079 read]
Hygiene Air Handling Units TANGRA AHU HYG – Guarantee for Air Quality

The series of air handling units TANGRA are designed to fulfill the needs for ventilation, heating, cooling and energy recovery
at different type of installation in public, industrial and commercial buildings.
All air handling units are modular build, which guarantee easy transportation and assembly.

They are divided in three main variations: Standard air handling units with heat recovery; Air handling units with heat pump incorporated; Hygiene air handling units.

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[26 Mar 2014 | 1,387 read]
TANGRA presents a new video about the pellet boiler TANGRA CL 35

TANGRA CL 35 pellet boiler is designed for heating and domestic hot water supply of single family houses, small residential and office building.

The boiler is fully automated and with automatic cleaning. For the customer this means almost full lack of maintenance and unproblematic work during the heating season.