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[10 Dec 2018 | 0 read]

Brussels, Sofia, 12 November 2018. The manufacturer TANGRA – specialised in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment – has joined the Eurovent Association as a Corresponding Member. TANGRA is Bulgaria’s leading locally based manufacturer of HVAC equipment, and the first-ever Eurovent member from Bulgaria – further expanding the association’s footprint throughout Europe.

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[3 Dec 2018 | 6 read]

Европейският парламент одобри насоките за 2030г. по отношение на енергийната ефективност и възобновяемите енергийни източници

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[23 Nov 2018 | 11 read]

For many years mechanical and natural ventilation systems have developed separately. At the same time the demands for energy saving in mechanical ventilation are rapidly growing, forced by the shortage of resources. Respectively, this compels engineers to turn back and check what was missed in the process of significant costs reduction. Naturally, this leads to the next step, which is development of ventilation concept utilizing and combining the best features from each system to create a new type of ventilation system – Hybrid Ventilation.
Basically, hybrid ventilation systems can be described …

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[14 Nov 2018 | 44 read]
Not 10, but 12 Reasons to Choose Air Handling Units TANGRA AHU

Не 10, а 12 причини да изберете вентилационните климатични камери TANGRA AHU

През 2018г. климатичните камери TANGRA AHU бяха изпитани и сертифицирани от Eurovent. Това прави TANGRA първият и единствен сертифициран български производител на климатични камери.

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[28 Apr 2016 | 1,352 read]
Machine building in Bulgaria. TANGRA is expanding on new markets.” Interview for Capital newspaper with Dipl. Eng. July Armianov, owner of TANGRA and member of the board of Bulgarian Chamber of Machine Building

Paris, 1998. International Exhibition on Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. “An exhibitor at the stall of a Belgian company noticed my interest and asked: “Sir, do you know what this is?”. I replied: “Yes, I do. We have been producing heat exchangers like these in Bulgaria for 10 years”. A little anxious, the exhibitor asked: “Excuse me, sir, where is Bulgaria?”.

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[19 May 2015 | 2,061 read]
Ventilation, air conditioning and technological  installations in wineries and wine cellars

TANGRA presents its know-how in the implementation of HVAC installations in wineries, based on its long experience in building ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in various industries. Each project has its own requirements regarding maintenance of microclimate parameters throughout the whole production process.

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[9 Apr 2015 | 20,540 read]
Air handling units AHU DEX S/M – a guarantee for high energy efficiency and air quality

Nowadays people spend most of their lives indoors. Each of us wants to live in a high quality environment that means better food, fresh water and clean air.

TANGRA has specialized more than 25 years in development and implementation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Since 1994 we produce our own range of plate heat exchangers and we build them in the range of heat recovery ventilation units.

This was the dawn of these systems in Europe and today they are accepted as standard worldwide. Our series of heat recovery units …

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[1 Sep 2014 | 20,442 read]
TANGRA presents a new video about the pellet boiler TANGRA HP 30

The autumn has already arrived. Everyone start to think for the cold days and the winter holiday. But cold winter months are prerequisite for finding the right solution for heating of your home. There are different solutions with all their positive and negative aspects. Central heating, electricity and heating oil, as well as natural gas are with continuous price growth. On the other hand conveyance and refueling of boiler with woods and coals requires serious physical efforts and time. That is why we would like to present you the pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30.

Pellets are cheap, ecologically clean and renewable energy source. They are produced of wood waste biomass without use of additional adhesive or substances. This allows their incineration in automatic pellet burners with high efficiency and minimum quantity of ashes remaining.

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[1 Sep 2014 | 1,320 read]
„TANGRA” celebrates its 25th anniversary

On August 17th, 2014, “TANGRA” celebrated 25 years from its founding. The company is specialized in the designing, construction, production, installation and servicing of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment.

On March 1st, 1989, Act 56 was issued and private business was legalized in Bulgaria. Dipl. Eng. July Armianov invited his closest friends for partners and on August 17th, with the decision of the Sofia Council Court, the company “TANGRA” was founded.

The name was particularly chosen as a successor of Dipl. Eng. Armianov’s father’s company “TANGRA – Lazar Armianov” …

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[23 Jul 2014 | 1,182 read]
„TANGRA” presented video of the wood pellet boilers TANGRA CL 80

In the season of summer holidays, many building owners prepare or do renovation to prepare for the winter months.

TANGRA present solution for heating of small apartment buildings, offices, auto services, sport halls, hotels and restaurants, public buildings and schools. Pellet boilers TANGRA are designed not only for heating, but also for domestic hot water supply.