Ventilation with heat recovery is a necessity in modern buildings!

    Governments, organizations and end users are forced to take measures for energy savings due to the continuous increase of
    fuel and energy prices.

    Modern buildings are better insulated thermally and windows are becoming more dense. In this way, naturally association for thermos arises, in which the coffee is still hot after 12 hours. The only negative side is that we are living in this thermos. People spend between 70% and 90% of their live time indoor. This lack of fresh air leads to decrease in working ability, allergies and diseases. This is also true for our children playing at home.

    There is a solution – healthy, energy-saving and ecological. 

    „The thermos“ – modern building should be ventilated and enough quantity of fresh air should be provided for the
    people. This is the first part of the task.

    The second part is called – heat recovery ventilation. In modern buildings, about 50% of the energy is consumed for heating or cooling of the fresh ventilated air. Due to the fact that this air is strongly connected with human’s health no compromises can be done. Using heat recovery ventilation can be reduced about 85% of the energy needed for heating or cooling. In many European countries the heat recovery is introduced with norms and directives.

    Heat recovery is extremely profitable investment.